Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quebec City - Sherbs Report

So here we are in Quebec City. So far, lots of fun and a good
vacation. It is cold but nice. There as an AM snow storm almost
prevented us from departing this morning but luckily it
just left the city in a new layer of snow for us to enjoy.

First thing on our agenda: explore old city and lament the fact that I
didn't buy snow shoes. (for the record I used to have the best snow
boots but I took them on an archaeological dig and dirtied them a bit.
But thanks to global warming I haven't really needed them. I did
hope to get them yesterday but they only had grotesquely ugly ones
and while I expected cold I forgot about snow.) So after a pre lunch
pastery with maple butter (amazing) and some pretty pictures the
pedant and I bought me snow shoes and had a lively lunch of french
onion soup salad and pouttine (gravy and cheese french fries that are
oh so tasty). Then we had a nap in our super cute historic inn and
took a nice long walk. The city is very pretty and wintery.

We found a cute touristy restaurant and had very tasty food. I got a
cream of vegtable soup veggie pallea and a tasty chocolate cake to
end. Best part was when we picked a wine and the server brought the
bottles for us to pick which one we wanted. Tres cool. Second best
part: not being the drunk couple two tables down who sent everything
back and danced in the middle of the place (granted there was live
music but still...).

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