Monday, December 31, 2007

Quebec City - The Sherbs On Day 3

So while the pedant was blogging before I was taking a much needed and
welcome nap. The trip has been great and I too have been enjoying the
sites and food. So here's my take on the past 24 hours or so.

1) Dragons

The exhibit was really interesting in the way that it depcted the
dragons. Since they are so prevelant in all ancient cultures it was
great to see how they put it together. Well done Canada.

2) "Ancient" French Canadian Food

First of all 400 years isn't ancient. But whatever it was tasty. I
had a warm goat cheese salad with a maple dressing. Basically it was a
plate where one half had mixed greens, the other half had a two inch
round of warmed goat cheese and there was a maple dressing topping it
all. All salads should include two inch rounds of goat cheese. The
soup was divine and my main course was local vegetables in a cassorole
dish with a tasty sauce. It was ohsogood. For desert I had the fudge
pie with raspberry sauce. It was a PIECE of pie. Like not 1/8 of a
pie, 1/6 of a pie with a buttery flakey crust.

3) Patisseries and boulangeries

More of these should replace starbucks. Don't get me wrong, I love me
some $3.50 lattes as much as the next yuppie, but fresh baked pastries
and coffees are the way to go. (side note: while I got pastries I
didn't get coffee. It's been so dry I need more water than usual and
bathrooms aren't easy to find, but go with the picture.)

4) dogs and kids

I have seen 3 dogs with booties which is cute in 3 feet of snow (not
on Madison Avenue). Also instead of strollers parents pull kids on
sleds. Amazing.

5) dark hot chocolate

Need I say more? It was to die for

6) dinner

We ate at the restaurant at the hotel which was delist. The Pedant
and I both got fennel and leek soup. I lamented that it wasnt the
Olive Garden where we could get seconds on the soup, but TP reminded
me the OG wouldn't serve fennel and leek soup. I then got ravioli with
ricotta filling in a pesto and goat cheese sauce. It was so good I
wanted to take a bath in it. For desert I had 2 fried dough with a
mint chocolate filling rolled in cinnamon sugar and served over a
fruit salsa and with points of pistachio paste. This was by far the
winner of the meal.

Now off to an ice bar for hot chocholate and bailys before the big
celebration in the center.

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Diana said...

I think I will learn how to make the ravioli with goat cheese. And anything mint chocolate = YUM!