Monday, December 24, 2007

My Christmas Dinner

It had little to do with Christmas, as I don't celebrate the holiday (although I don't get all up in people's face about it, like some people - if your religion hasn't been stolen wholesale by at least two major religions who turned around and persecuted you for it - not to mention try to shoehorn your minor holidays into their rubric - the fact that Christmas coincides with major Roman and ancient European animistic festivals entitles you to no more than anthropological conversation. You may not complain), but it was tasty. The menu:

APPETIZER: Store-bought port wine cheese ball and store-bought crostini. Wine.

MAIN COURSE: Whole wheat pasta in a low-fat sauce made from "chicken" broth, ricotta cheese, walnuts, and crumbled gorgonzola. Caesar salad. Wine.

DESSERT: Fat-free, sugar-free JELL-O® butterscotch pudding in a graham cracker pie crust. Fat free Reddi-Whip. Silk soy "nog," which is more like eggnog-flavored milk, but if you don't like the heaviness of regular eggnog, I highly recommend it.

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