Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quebec City - Joint Post

We had a horrific meal at La Chance, on the stairs into Petit
Champlain. The Pedant did, anyway, an hour into the lack of meal all
The Sherbs had was soup and the news that her food had been burnt (so
had The Pedant's, but apparently edibly so according to the chef). So
we won't blog about that. Instead, we will provide a report on the
chocolates from Erico we ate to salve our discontent:

1) Pink Pepper: as advertised, it had a ganache with ground
peppercorn. We both found it tasty, but The Sherbs established first
that the peppercorn gave it a vegetal essence that did not mesh well
with sweet ganache.

2) Praline: or, more accurately, pecan in gooey caramel. Heavenly.

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