Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Always, always eggplant.

The Sherbs and I have been eating a lot of eggplant lately.

First, last week we made eggplant parmesan for a get-together. We made twice as much as necessary (two Pyrex dishes worth), however, so lunch for this week is eggplant parmesan.

Then, we had eggplant at the Chinese place the Sherbs mentioned last post.

Last night, we used the last eggplant, the one that would have made too much eggplant in the parmesan, in a variation on a Cook's Illustrated Best Vegetable Recipes recipe. They want eggplant with pork in peanut sauce. We made eggplant and Morningstar veggie crumbles in peanut sauce.

The Cook's recipes are pretty darned hardy; despite my insufficiently salting the eggplant, replacing low-sodium chicken broth with high-sodium Osem pareve broth, and using sesame oil instead of peanut oil, the eggplant came out delicious. It was like peanutty ma po tofu with eggplant instead of tofu, which basically means it wasn't ma po tofu at all, but sort of had the same mouth feel.

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