Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Big Fat Greek-Style Meal

I don't think The Pedant really got at how bad the Mushroom Tahini soup was - it was just odd. Good thing we had leftover eggplant parmesan to make up for it. The Joyva cookbook does have a recipe for cold noodles and sesame sauce with tahini just like how my mom used to make it. I'm excited to try that out!

Since for this recipe I bought a costco-sized box of mushrooms, we needed to finish them up this weekend. Last night I made the Roasted Mushrooms with Greek Flavors from Cook's Best which did come out really great. It had roasted peppers from the jar which made it tasty without taking away the simple flavors of the roasted mushrooms. I also made a Bean Salad from Mark Bittman's cookbook with the Greek variation. I was supposed to use fava beans but NO fava beans were to be found at the Teet so I settled for Great Northern. It was beans, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil. The topper: mint (and some crumbled feta). So tasty and refreshing. If I can't find fava again I think I will use chick peas (maybe even tonight since I have left over mint!).

Speaking of Greek, this New York Times article is very interesting. Growing up in Long Island where every town has an average of 4 diners (the only place cheap enough to go in High School also when you got bored of watching movies in some one's basement) it would be weird not to have the diner. Also, I loved getting the "Greek" selections on the menu: as a vegetarian teenager "Greek Pizza" or Spanikopita at a dinner was amazing

I also made a vegetarian mushroom-green bean strogonoff in the slow cooker (also had costco string beans to finish up). I messed up the recipe a bit (use fresh green beans, not steamed ones on their way to rots-ville; add mushrooms at end for 20 minutes on high with top off to thicken, not in the beginning) but I think it should be fine. Last time we made it, it came out fantastically.

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