Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Spring is slowly coming, and I recall my youth in Massachusetts, when the merry chickadee would make its appearance.

Also, because the Sherbs and I made a chickpea dish out of Vegetarian Times. It was a "chickpea and butternut squash stew," or more accurately, chickpeas in prefab butternut squash soup, over couscous. It wasn't quite as flavor-riffic as I was hoping, but it was tasty, which is more than could be said for the tahini soup fiasco of last week.

I'm having my tuna casserole from last Saturday for lunches this week; it's Campbell's recipe, but with Teet brand condensed soup, baby lima beans instead of peas, canned green and wax beans instead of pimientos (who eats those, anyway?), and extra mushrooms for greater shroominess (we do this with the slow cooker hot & sour soup, too - we add Teet brand canned straw mushrooms, my favorite mushroom of all time).

Finally, this is an accurate assessment of the Wii game Cooking Mama, which I found frustrating.

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Pedant's sister said...

I want to try Mark Bittman's chickpea soup recipe (from the blog Bitten). It looks pretty awesome.

I make tuna casserole a lot, substituting a teaspoon osem mushroom soup mix in a cup or two of skim milk to cut down on calories/fat. I find that with whole wheat pasta, tuna, and frozen peas, it's actually not bad. Especially if topped with bread crumbs and low fat cabot sharp cheddar.