Friday, April 18, 2008

Across the Ocean...

Here we are in sunny Israel, having survived the fourteen hour plane ride. Our luggage is not with us, as our flight to Madrid was delayed, and Iberia Lineas Aeras refused to give us boarding passes for Tel Aviv in DC, so we had to stand behind some very irate Israelis at the Iberia customer service counter who would not let anyone else try to get on a plane until they had badgered the Iberians into making a connection for them to Miami. As a result, we were VERY late for the plane, and the El Al security officer told us that our luggage had not been cleared to fly with us. It will be delivered tomorrow.

Instead, we got two sizeable toiletry bags from El Al. These almost make up for not getting our luggage. They come in two genders; one has more shaving stuff, one has more moisturizer. They both include pyjamas, although they are size "M" at the largest. There are also socks with little nubblies on the bottom. I am very amused.

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