Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So if I don't blog tonight, The Pedant will be quite mad at me. So I will do this quickly as we had a busy day today and a busy one tomorrow. And I'm tired.

First and foremost, a hello to a fan we met today at BurgerRanch! YAY! :-)

Next, and importantly, the food. Here's a quick run-down:

Thursday/Friday: Plane food. Actually not bad. On the Iberia flight for the vegetarian meal I got a small bottle of lemon olive oil as a condiment. Quite delish.

Friday: Dinner at Aunt and Uncle's. Tasty. Plus an Aunt Belle's chocolate cake. Which is heaven in a cake. My mom makes it for special occasions and it's great, but my aunt (who is the great-niece of Belle) doubles the whipped cream and it's fantastic. Take a hint mom.

Saturday: Samir's for the best hummus ever. Really. This is the way all meals should be eaten - with hummus and pita and salads. We are hopefully going back this week for more. YAY! Passover meal was incredible. Hard Matzah balls, rice during the meal (usually a no-no for us of Eastern European decent) and tasty tasty sides.

Sunday: Leftovers - amazing. Plus a "light" evening meal and a walk on the marina. Fun!

Monday: A meal with distant relatives of TP. I was forced to eat the shakshuka which was amazing. (By forced I mean I was looking forward to just a hearty soup but was quilted into a soup and a shakshouka by the elder relative. I was also forced into a delicious coffee afterwords.) A nice walking tour of Tel Aviv. An amazing dinner at a cousin's house.

Tuesday: The BurgerRanch excursion was fun. I ate the fries. Not bad. Then a real meal at home base - Matzah, hummus, quiche, salad, etc. Then off the the shuk for fun crafts and a walk, an afternoon "limonana" - lemonade with mint - and a fish dinner (salads and "chips" (fries) for me!) and dessert here. Ready to burst!!

Only problem we've noticed is the lack of iced coffee. "Iced coffee" here is a blended drink with condensed milk and water and sugar and Turkish coffee. Since the coffee is all fabulous and Turkish there are no Starbucks on every street corner serving crap. Only the best here. It drove my father crazy trying to get an "American" iced coffee.


Pedant's sister said...

Apparently the ancestors that Pedant and I share used to eat rice on Passover. Back in the old country. Even the frum ones.

Just FYI.

The Pedant said...

This will be helpful in making our marital relationship successful during chag.

Pedant's sister said...

Always happy to help.

The Israeli guy who runs the Kosher supermarket where I get my prepared foods ranted to me in Hebrew about the Ashkenazim and their stranglehold of pesach. Apparently to be certified he can't even STOCK kitniyot. Which is absurd.

Also, the rant was in Hebrew, which was fun.

The Pedant said...

Did he also rant about streimels? I saw two streimels at the Israel Museum in 90-degree weather and they looked both hot and ridiculous.