Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coffee Break!

As I am over jet lag, I have given up on coffee for the moment; caffeine is not good for me. However, while at the shuk in Tel Aviv (or, more accurately, in the cluster of Kosher for Passover certified restaurants on Allenby Street right across from the shuk), I stopped at a coffee shop whose name escapes me now (it's a chain) and had a "cheese salad."

It was roquefort, parmesan, and shredded Israeli salted cheese (there are "standard cheeses" in Israel by which others are measured; "salted cheese" and "yellow cheese" are two species, and you ask for them in the store under those names) on top of some red lettuce-heavy mixed greens. (I love the more watercress-y greens with texture and crunch, which this salad had plenty of. Lightly dressed, which was perfect.

It makes me sad for going back to the United States with its wilty "mixed greens" that are not crunchy or flavorful. I love romaine as much as the next guy, but it's not enough.

Dinner was fish. I had sea bream. It was pretty good, although I think I liked the pickled herring appetizers more. I love me some pickled herring. If the Sherbs would let me, I'd have a tub of pickled herring with cream sauce in the fridge. It is good stuff.

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