Saturday, April 19, 2008


Luggage is still not here because the lost baggage people are dysfunctional. They should give me another bag of toiletries to make up for it.

This morning I went to Samir's, a restaurant in the kind of slummy part of Ramla. Samir discovered during a renovation that his restaurant was in a twelfth-century crusader building, so the old stonework is now on display and is very attractive. We arrived for the last pre-Passover pita, so he didn't have any meat products ready, but we did have plenty of salads (which means something different in Israel than it does in the US - more like dipping options), hummus, and felafel, all of which was tasty. The felafel was properly green inside and there were a variety of hummus and chickpea products for each chickpea-related desire.

The best news I've heard recently is that Burger Ranch, an Israeli fast food chain and one of the few companies to realize the ultimate deliciousness of adding hot dog bits to french fries, will have kosher for passover food. This is the exact reason why I am in Israel right now, and I am, as the English say, chuffed.

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