Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lies, damnable lies!

The New York Times, where Jayson Blair spun his web of deceit, is once again spreading foul lies; this time, they write that "Dr. Pepper is a Republican soda."

The Sherbs and I would disagree. We are, at the very least, not reliable Republican voters (and some would say we're somewhat further on the "not-Republican" spectrum than that). And yet, we drink Dr. Pepper. I have a can sitting next to me right now.

Dr. Pepper knows no politics. It's "Republican-ness" is probably solely due to the fact that it's a Texas-based beverage, and Texas tilts Republican right now. When Ann Richards was the governor, Dr. Pepper was a Democratic beverage, I'm sure.

Dr. Pepper is also available in Canada, where I am fairly certain it is not associated with the Conservative Party (I'd personally hope that it's not the beverage of the Liberal Party either, but instead the Bloc Quebecois).