Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cheap Thrills

The Sherbs and I went to Dave & Buster's last night; for those not familiar with the chain, and too lazy to click the link (an aside: links are like footnotes. If you don't click on them, you miss the context, and sometimes the subtle jokes I make with linkage), it's a combination of TGI Friday's-style bar/restaurant and a Chuck E. Cheese's-style video arcade.

In short, it's a place where the Sherbs can play skee-ball, watch me "pwn" yakuza in Police 911 2 (note: the Sherbs does not love the run n' gun games), and then we can both go to a bar and get mixed drinks. In one Dave & Buster's (not the one we went to), there are switches next to some video game machines so you can have a drink delivered to your game. Because LA Machineguns (sadly, the link does not show the version at Dave & Buster's which has the rumbling floor pads beneath your feet so you shake with every explosion) is thirsty work.

So, the Sherbs had a "mocha espresso" martini with Starbuck's Espresso Liqueur and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (I prefer Vermeer for chocolate liqueurs, personally) and I had a frozen beverage made of two kinds of flavored Malibu rum and piƱa colada mix and something that made it robin's-egg blue. Tasty.

And cheaper than expected.

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Sherbs said...

Let it be known that if it wasn't for my hatred of gun games and superior trivia skills, we wouldn't have ever gotten the shot glass.