Monday, October 22, 2007

This state has an oaky flavor, legs, and ages very well...

As The Pedant mentioned earlier, I am in charge of recapping our winery trip Saturday. Turns out, about 30 miles outside of the fortress of democracy there is a whole wine country. Apparently, Virginia humidity (my new foe) is perfect for vintners (hopefully not like those in Isaiah 5!).

We had gone once before, but since it was a gorgeous day we ventured out again. We saw three wineries and TP stopped in a cutesy little town for a snack.

Now, I know very little about wine, other than red is served at room temperature and white is served chilled. I kind of have a desire to be a wine snob, but only cause I want to stick my nose up at people even more. The first winery was fun, even if they only had port-a-potties. We liked their peach wine and their white table wine. I enjoyed the sweet stuff a bit more than TP.

The next one, TP wanted to go to because of their legal excitement. The result, a real bathroom, and a very tastey Riesling. Delish. They did also have a dog there which was fun.

The third one sort of sucked. Not only was their wine fair, they had port-a-potties. And ex-frat boys smoking cigars. Not cool.

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