Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jews and Muslims Need Not Apply, But Compressed Pig Is Universal

Thanks to Atlantic Monthly blogger Andrew Sullivan, I have learned that there is a man in California who makes world maps out of Spam.

Spam, as I'm sure you know (click on the "Spam" link at the beginning of this sentence for a truly frightening Flash animation of a wild-eyed man trying to shove a spamwich through your computer screen), is a compressed lunchmeat made of pig and some stuff with multiple syllables. My exposure to it has mostly been through residents of the Pacific Rim who eat it on rice.

Sadly, the website is like the old web chestnut without the Shatner; it's just a picture of a can of Spam. Honestly, Spam is cheap enough; couldn't the guy have purchased a can, some Reddi-Wip, and some maraschino cherries, and made his own amusing picture by "sundaefying" the can?

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