Friday, October 19, 2007

Jicama . . . what the hell?

No, seriously, what is up with jicama?

The Sherbs and I foolishly decided to make a salad involving the mutant apple-radish that is jicama (it also includes beans, avocado, green pepper, and tomato). At the Teet, we got the produce guy to find us some jicama, and he gave us a huge, mutant thing weighing about five pounds that looked like a failed cross between a coconut, a turnip, and an heirloom tomato.

No, they did not have any smaller jicama available.

Turns out, only a third of the jicama was actually necessary for the salad (we only needed two cups of jicama), which is good because we did not have the machete necessary to effectively cut off more of the tough root vegetable. Then we had to peel off the stringy, leathery skin, a thankless task.

The salad, at the end of the day, is tasty. But I dare Rachael Ray to make jicama into anything in thirty minutes or less.


Pedean said...

I love jicama! You have to peel it first (with a knife, just cut the outside off) before chopping, and it usually isn't so difficult to use.

It is great in the following salad:
spinach leaves
green pepper
vineagrette dressing


The Pedant said...

Peel it first? Now you tell me.

Diana said...

Jicama are kosher for Passover... Just letting you know.