Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lima Beans = Amazing

I think The Pedant summed up what I wanted to say about the Ren Faire. Totally a (sub)culture shock (it was my first). Amusing and entertaining, minus the fact I stained my brand new shirt. With Corn on the Cob. I don't know how that's quite Renaissance, but... it was tasty!

In other food news, TP and I made an interesting creation last night for dinner: Lima-Bean Pot Pie. It was based off of Chicken Pot Pie, but we appended TP's mom's recipe. We used lima beans for protein (since tofu would have had an odd texture and the Chick'n Strips would have disintegrated) and instead of pie crusts, used Grands Biscuits (the kind in the cool tube) on top. It was a success. Quite tasty. It did taste exactly like the frozen CPP I used to have as kid.

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