Monday, October 22, 2007

How Dare You Oppose the Will of Zurn!

The Sherbs will be blogging about this weekend's trips to some wineries, so I will blog only about a collateral issue: Roger Zurn.

It's election season, and in our area and the surrounding counties, that means zillions of small outdoor signs advertising one candidate or another. While coming home from the wineries, we noticed that one sign happened to be advertising for a candidate named "Roger Zurn."

He's the Republican incumbent treasurer for Loudon County, Virginia. His official campaign website is here. The Washington Post profile, with a short interview, can be found here.

Not only does he rock the 'stache old school, he has an awesome last name (his full name is H. Roger Zurn, Jr.). It sounds like the villain in a thousand bad sci-fi/fantasy films, to whit:
  • "You presume to toy with the minions of Lord Zurn?"
  • "I have dispatched General Zurn to quell the uprising."
  • "Face the wrath of Zurn!"
  • "This galaxy belongs to Zurn the Overlord, and no other."

A news article from February indicates that those who trespass on the property of Zurn may be dealt with harshly.

More politicians need to have awesome last names.

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Sherbs said...

You forgot to mention he could also be a super hero-esque character, and inserting his name into Queen's "Flash." Zurn...oho...defender of the universe...