Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Make My Waf the P-Waf...

Recently, Kid Rock, the Michigan-born, Republican-voting amalgam of Tommy Lee, Toby Keith, and Eminem who began the "hick hop" craze allowing for mainstream innovators such as Cowboy Troy, got into a fight in a Waffle House resulting in a broken plate glass window, which in my book means the fight was awesome.

I assume that the window also got broken because, unlike with Under Armour, people do not ritually scream "we must protect this Waffle House!"

Waffle House, as you may know, is the chain best known for serving shredded potatoes "smothered and covered," which, despite the claims of the Bloodhound Gang, just means with cheese and onions. They in fact also sell waffles, but I have never seen anyone eat a waffle there.

Of particular note, I found via Google that an enterprising individual has posted Waffle House's "cheat sheet," the way the short order cooks mark the plates with condiments to remind themselves what goes on the plate.

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