Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gar-licking Good!

Last night, after a frighteningly painful (good pain?) Pilate's class with the delightful Stoner, she adn I dinned at Preppy's Place and then proceeded to play Rummy 500, with Preppy, who is a big, fat, smelly cheater. But it was fun. We then watched a DVRed episode of Iron Chef, Battle Garlic. And that made up for Preppy's cheating.

What was great about this episode? Well, let's see. Mario Batali was the Iron Chef, whom I usually dislike, but have a new appreciation for. I recently finished the fantastic book, Heat, recommended to me by The Pedant's mother. And I am now recommending the book to anyone who:
  • is a foodie
  • doesn't mind being too grossed out by food preparation descriptions
  • enjoys cooking enough to get some good ideas
So, now I love Batali. I won't say he's my favorite, because that spot goes only to Cat Cora (whom I have a feminist crush on because she's the only woman), but I understand him more now. We're BFF in literary land.

I also enjoyed last night's episode because of the Secret Ingredient, Garlic garlic, and appreciate that The Pedant likes Garlic as well. It makes anything better. Except the snails and cow . I for one loooooveintestine the Challenger made - those are hands down always gross, no matter how much garlic is added to them.

And Jeffery Steingarten, an iron chef judge whom I have a crush on (because he's a meanie and very funny!), was a judge and I loved him. He said "Don't touch me" to a bimbo judge. My heart skipped a beat.

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