Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Update

I had a fantastic weekend. (Well, minus forgetting responsibilities and other things.) The Pedant was visiting me for the weekend, and even in preparation for his visit, it was a great weekend. Good food, good-ish baseball, good dinner, good alcohol, good rain (not!), good friends, good movies. Although I am tired and must get back to reality, I am worn out from fun.

To start with, Friday evening ritual dinner was at Stoner's and it was good. I came there post tooth fairy, so I hung out cooking with Stoner and Preppy. Stoner made a delicious salad, and a fantastic eggplant parm, and if I may toot my own horn, I made a great pasta primavera. I sauteed carrots, garlic, broccoli, asparagus, and mushrooms with some non-stick spray, added in some veggie broth and whole wheat pasta and topped it off with some EVOO and sun dried tomatoes. There were also make your own ice cream sandwiches and good breads and cheeses. Yum-o!

The Pedant already explained a bit about the dinner on Saturday, and I will begin the blogging on the baseball. I'm a Mets fan, mostly because I have little choice. I hate the Yankees, and my parents grew up in formerly Dodger-turned-Mets territory. Therefore, Go Mets! So The Pedant and I shelled out a big 2 bucks for seats and enjoyed the game. Especially the part where the Mets get cocky and stupid. They never let their fans down! Especially the Cow Bell Man. But not the annoying guy behind me who kept hitting the seat with a metal bat. But The Pedant got me a hat!

Sunday was rainy and gross, but The Pedant and I managed to make it out in the rain to meet Stoner and Preppy for a great lunch. With delicious baklavah. Yum! After dropping off The Pedant at his train, I went to hang out again with Stoner and Preppy for cards, movies (HP4!) and ice cream.

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