Friday, April 6, 2007

I Was Born a Travelin' (Wo)Man

While The Pedant has taken to describing what I'm sure is a delish salad (I would have nixed the turkey and added oregano to the dressing), I am passing the time at work today (no one is here...) by planning fantasy vacations. Since I sit at a computer all day, it's easy to visit tourism sites, travel discount places, hotel websites, etc. The Pedant and I are looking into going away at some point in the future (the very far future), and these are some of the ideas we have. You'll notice they range from wacky to really wacky to relatively realistic.
  • Iceland (but not in the dead of winter)
  • Atlantic City
  • Las Vegas
  • A Cruise (I want it to be to Alaska in the summer or the Caribbean in the dead of winter)
  • Brussels
  • A B & B in Virginia
  • A converted Railroad car in West Virginia
  • Japan
  • Tahiti
  • Italy
  • Paris
Well, my bags are I just need to get the money and the time to go...hmmm...

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