Thursday, April 5, 2007

No Protein!

Passover is very much here with a vengeance. For me, a lacto-ovo vegetarian, who isn't even "crazy," (meaning: I'll eat soups with a meat broth, foods cooked with meat, etc.) Passover is bad, bad time. I am a Jewess of Ashkenazi heritage so for me, all legumes are out. Boo. For Lacto-Ovos, our major source of protein is kitniyot, and therefore, I cannot eat much protein during passover. I am relegated to eggs and cheese. Granted, worse things could happen. In fact, today for lunch, I had no protein. Why? Because the hard boiled eggs I had for my salad were inadvertently left on the drain board. Oops. I was able to find some nuts to nosh. Mmm...delish...fat...

However, I shouldn't complain. I personally love passover. And, I won't spend much time bitching about the fact that I must force myself to eat mostly cheese this week, but I will tell you, that as a sweet lover, Passover seems like it would have many options, but those options SUCK. There is nothing grosser than passover cakes, cookies, and pastries. My mom actually makes delish marainge cookies, but that's about it (her brownies aren't that bad either). However, Jelly Slices are to die for.

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