Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taste Mystery!

On Monday, you shall hear the story of the ball game the Sherbs and I went to. Who won, what we ate, and whether or not the Mets' starting pitcher meant to bean the heck out of that guy.

But today's post is about a mystery corn soup. Last night, the Sherbs and I went to Pisticci, and I had their corn soup. It was fabulous, but like no corn soup I had ever had before. The corn was pureed to liquidity, and instead of being a cream base, the soup was based on a chicken stock.

I want to replicate this soup, if for no other reason than to try to see if it works just as well with onion and leeks for more texture. But I can't find a recipe anywhere. I am especially disappointed that Food Network, which has a search icon in my Mozilla, has let me down.

The search continues.


Aunt L. said...

Two other sources you could try -- they probably won't have the exact recipe, but they might get you close -- are and the Washington Post online recipe finder.

Sherbs said...

It was good soup. This may be tasty too if we want to try something (it seems tasty!):

And, as per Aunt L.'s suggestion, a quick search for corn soup ( that cream or unhealthy milk product will thicken it. I think it's one of those delishious soups that will be perfect on a nice fall day.