Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, seeing as the festival of matzah has ended and I am back to work, I can resume my regular posting schedule. You see, I was at my home in a suburb with my family for the week, enjoying a fully stocked kitchen ready for passover and leftovers. So I had a choice:

Spend time in the computer room (my laptop is old, heavy and slow) reading my celeb gossip columns, other blogs, about my friends, and posting here


Sit in our large, comfy chair and watch TV with DVR capabilities and reruns from my childhood.

I chose TV. Because I love TV. So I curled up on the chair (at one point, my dad asked if I had moved all night. I hadn't.), had a clicker in my hand and watched It was fantastic. I saw half of one of my favorite movies from High School, 2 Iron Chefs, DVRed some Gilmore Girls, watched a new favorite show, and enjoyed not moving at all.

I did take a "day trip" with my parents to see a Broadway show. The best part: hunching over in a busy starbucks, eating matzah sandwiches. Mmm...passover...But then I came home and watched TV.

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