Saturday, April 7, 2007

I Feel Like Something Tonight

I will be having a food-related event tonight. Technically, it's a food and the roleplaying game Ars Magica-related event tonight, but roleplaying doesn't require any special considerations for Passover, nor is it that germane to the weblog.

I have a decision to make - meat or dairy?

In the house is leftover turkey, Passover stuffing, and sweet potatoes. With a salad, that's a dinner.

But I could also make a Passover "lasagna" by layering tomato paste, matzah, mozzarella, and cottage or farmer cheese in a pan, then baking it for 40 minutes. I'd make a salad for that, too, and, frankly, I think I like the cheesy option better, but I feel like I need more side dishes or I'll end up filling up on ring jells because I'm still a little hungry after the meal (for the record, the Joyva web page is lame).

I'll let you know what I eventually decide.

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