Friday, March 23, 2007


All week I've been thinking Passover is this week (it's not, it's next week). Various reasons account for this, none of which are remotely enjoyable to share on this blog. But, it is exciting (relatively) that Passover is approaching. I enjoy it very much. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. Why? Several reasons:
  • As a kid, I got to stay up late with the seder (I love staying up late!)
  • My mom bought LOTS of junk food - potato chips, jelly fruit slices, marshmallows. Well, that's not so much, but in comparison to the rest of the year, it was an exponential growth
  • Temptee Cream Cheese. Mmmm...
  • Matzah Ball Soup...with hard-as-rocks matzah balls made by my aunt perfectly each year
  • School vacation!
  • Family craziness
The down side was that I couldn't eat real bread for a week and that my mom became the Passover Nazi with cleaning for weeks before. Our house was so clean, Mr. Clean commercials could be filmed there. Every weekend starting in February was devoted to cleaning the house. And, we were subjected to listening to the same passover record (yes, you heard me, record!) with a weird guy narrating...

However, the upside won each year (my guess: Temptee is actually that good), and Passover reigns supreme as my favorite holiday.

And this year, Stoner found some cute shirts:

Any guesses what they might be...first one to guess the answer gets an undecided prize....


Aunt L. said...

Left to right: Matzoh, four questions, parting the Red Sea

Annie said...

Matzoh BALL, then I agree with Aunt L.

Aunt L. said...

Yeah, Annie's right, I think.