Thursday, May 3, 2007

Babies "R"n't Us

Last night I woke up from a bad dream. I dreamt that I was pregnant and going to be having a baby (duh). But soon! Like, I was due yesterday and had forgotten.

Here's the issue. 1) I don't want children for a looooooong time. 2) I don't like babies. 3) The Pedant and I both don't want children. 4) I want to have more than I do in my savings account for random trips to the toy store, and bookstore, and oh yeah, clothes store, dentist store, doctor store, drug store. Cause babies ain't cheap.

I don't DISLIKE children that much, but in light of recent events and questions, I know shortly after this period of joy will come more questions: When are you having children?! How many? Can I hold the baby? Can I rub your belly? When's the next one coming? You're not really naming him St. Thomas Aquinas [Redacted]?!

The other thing I hate about children: PERMANENT. It's not like babysitting or having a goldfish that lasts 2 months. They are always there. And always in need of attention.

I do want children, but I kinda want to know what I'm doing with my life first.

Hopefully, no more nightmares....

1 comment:

The Pedant said...

Better than the dream where I got shot in the chest with a minie ball.