Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Growing Up

Yesterday I did something I never expected to do before 30: I bought an analogue watch.

You see, since, oh, about 6th grade, I have been wearing exclusively digital Timex watches. You know "the sporty" kind. They had all the necessaries: digital time (easier to read), indiglo (for making jokes: Look! I'm an indiglo girl!), the date and day (key for the summer), a strap with Velcro, a stop watch (great for laundry and cooking), and the fun dinging alarm for hourly reminders.

However on Sunday morning, around 11, I looked at my lovely Timex and the battery stopped. Since the next day I would officially be venturing into an undeniably mid-twenties age, I decided it was time for a grown up watch. So I bought a $15 Casio analogue watch. And, look! I can read time mom.

Man, growing up sucks...

Next week: Grey hairs! Or my fear of going grey...

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