Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So Smooth

So work is especially boring today and I had promised a post on my Smoothie Making Adventure.

Smel often makes smoothies. She comes home on Tuesday with free fruit from work, buys a large container of yogurt and sticks it in a blender with the statement: "AH! SO GOOD! YES!" I am jealous. So, last week, I bought yogurt and frozen strawberries and peaches and had an adventure with the blender.

It turned out to be lovely. Since on my "eating plan" (I am instructed not to call it a diet!), I can eat as much fat-free plain yogurt as I want (but who wants to eat more than a serving of that crap), so I sweetened it with Sweet-n-low and added the fruit. However, I realized, frozen fruit makes for a cheap substitution, but is hard to blend. Also, the proportions from a recipe I read were off cause I forgot how much fruit was in there. And then it was super cold at first.

But then it was delicious. I love smoothies!!

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