Friday, May 4, 2007

Want Some Cheese with Your Whine?

Last night, I had dinner with 1/2 of Jewbiquitous and it was amazing. And by dinner, I mean wine, cheese, and an eggplant "tapas." It was a great evening all around, and lots of great conversation and a good reminder to hang out with Harley more.

The second best part about the dinner with Harley (the first being Harley's company) was having a dinner constituting of wine and cheese. (The eggplant was secondary, while Harley went on for a beer, I realized I was getting kinda tipsy and opted for more food lest I fall of my stool!) The place we went had an exceptional cheese list, and not just plain old cheese but goat cheese! sheep's milk cheese! Swiss cheese! and all the smelly French and American cheeses one (not me) might want. Easting a meal based around cheese and red wine was a-okay with me.

elitism, but soon we will both be living I have a not so secret desire to become a wine snob with The Pedant. We've already agreed to become opera snobs and have no qualms about our food snobbery, as well as our intellectualwithin very close range of an up-and-coming vineyards. We visited once and have hoped to go back again, mostly for the "getaway" aspect, but also because I reallllly want to know what I'm doing. I was horribly jealous last night when Harley looked at the menu, I told her what I liked, and picked out a perfect choice. Over the summer, a woman (who said she worked diligently at becoming a wine snob) I worked with looked at a long wine list and picked out a perfect choice for an evening out.

So, this is my official plea for The Pedant to feel the guilt and become a wine snob with me...

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The Pedant said...

Would it merely be OK if I spend like $700 on an opera subscription for the 2007-2008 season? We'll have to see La Boheme again, but with a different company.