Thursday, May 24, 2007


There has been much talk of late of salads. I should also pipe in: I adore salads. I often make big salads (re: Seinfeld episode) for meals. I like when there is a mix of proteins, veggies and unhealthy components (nuts, dressing, noodles, etc.). Mmm... I think one of the best salads I've had recently contained roasted veggies and tofu with a balsamic vinaigrette. Mmm.

Salads have become so "fashionable" in the last decade because of their healthy components, and I am happy. I recently went out to dinner with a friend where I had a "burger salad" (yet I substituted the meat for a veggie burger) and the concept was kinda cool. Nope. Really cool.


The Pedant said...

Not sure I'm cool with the concept of veggie simulated meat on salad.

emily2 said...

i adore salads that seem to have the lettuce as an afterthought. pile on the bacon, eggs, avocados, chooses grilled chicken, and shrimp!