Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fancy Dinners = Fun Dinners

I am receiving a useless higher degree this afternoon. Now, that is not the point of this post, rather, I want to discuss the commencement dinner I attended last night at said institution. This blog is empirically (ooo...fancy talk pretty!) about food, after all.

The dinner was a formal dinner. I am used to eating in the cafeteria (where the food was prepared) and often have pizza (with relatively good kosher cheese), soups of varying quality, the all powerful salad bar, and the always delicious cookies. Yet last night, they pulled out all the stops (and the meal was vegetarian! Hoorah!) and let me tell you, no stops = worth it!

During the cocktail forty-five minutes, there were these little mandarin orange-cheese-sweet-mushroom-etc. quiches, sushi (which is difficult to partake in when I'm not standing and holding a glass of red wine and a white shirt), these amazing egg-roll type things and an odd fish tar-tar which had fish but I heard good things.

Then there was a salad with a grilled apple and cool strawberry dressing. The non-fish entree (I love people that recognize fish is not always vegetarian!) was a risotto with lots of veggies that was pretty tasty. Then there was a mini cheesecake for desert. Mmmm...

However, the excitement was dulled this afternoon when I noticed they were serving the mini quiche for lunch today.

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