Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Mind Is A Scary Place

This post is about two things that are not related: organic baby food and the term "wuv." I shall tackle them in reverse order.


Urban Dictionary pretty much explains any conceivable use of the term "wuv," including as a euphemism for gay sex. The term has been adopted by floral cultivators with a boxed cat in their logo as well as websites whose purpose is impossible to determine. Starwood Hotels has a "feel the wuv" package for their "W" line of upscale hotels (the concept of a romance concierge called a "passioneer," which the hotels offered around Valentine's Day, is kinda disturbing).

I, personally, like the term for when I wish to be saccharine. Also, I like to imagine Timbaland's "Luv 2 Luv U" with "luv" replaced with "wuv" for full Elmer Fudd effect.


I heard an ad on the radio recently for organic baby food. I'm skeptical about the concept.

When I lived in Hong Kong, all the vegetables we got from over the border in China were organic, as the farmers were too poor even to have real tractors. They had these weird-looking converted lawnmower things. At any rate, this "organic" food you had to wash with bleach before eating because you didn't know where it had been.

Now, I'm sure that they wash and cook the veggies before giving them to babies, but I'm not sure that exposing the plants to manure and bugs makes them healthier than using some synthetic chemicals.

Regardless, for the next two days, you can bid on two dozen empty and cleaned baby food jars on Ebay. You can Buy It Now™ for half the price of the shipping.

Sadly, it looks like this offer is meeting the same fate as my attempts to sell my household crap on Ebay - no one is buying.

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