Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bouncing off the WALLS!

I love caffeine. I in fact love it so much I find a need for it. All the time. Like, I get snippy in the mornings with my roommates if I haven't had any, I get sluggish around 4 and I generally enjoy the taste. (That being said I'm not a crazy person. My father can't make it past 10 AM on Yom Kippur, and after about 3, we stop talking to him. I'm not that bad.)

I also love the taste of strong coffee. (Attributed to my father who makes coffee strong enough to wake the living dead. Actually.) I am drinking a cup of strong bodega coffee right now! Yay!

This ties into the Dr. Pepper theme because I also love DP and caffeinated soda. I have heard rumors that DP and DDP have double the caffeine of most sodas, making it my soda of choice during finals time. According to this "reliable" source (thanks, Google!), it does not. Oh, how I've been fooled! Granted it's still 5 MG less than another favorite of mine, Diet Coke, it's still a sad day in Sherbs Land. I'll still drink my DDP, and think it has more caffeine.

In Mixed Drink news, this sounds GOOD, and appropriate to the blog.

2 comments: said...

I have to say that I also love coffee. This was not always the case. I made it through most of college without drinking coffee. My coffee drinking habits have progressed from abstinence, to coffee-wuss, to average American, to European American, and I've yet to enter the realm of real hard-core drinking (of coffee). The (semi)-addiction started when I spent 5 months in Italy and fell in love with cappucinos. I continued to drink coffee heavily diluted with steamed milk in this fashion until graduating from university. At a summer internship there was free drip coffee and an 8 hour workday at a desk doing data entry, which means that I started drinking "normal" American-style coffee, and I even started to like it black with sugar. Then I went across the ocean and found myself 1) having to put in long hours of essay writing, 2)in the vicinity of a very wonderful expresso machine, an electric kettle, sugar, and a little bit of milk. I'm proud to say that caffe americano is currently my preferred drink. How's that for evolution? I can only imagine what it will be like when I get to plain expresso shots.

The Pedant said...

The Flaming Dr. Pepper is quite a frightening drink. Did you see the part on Wikipedia where it's cited for causing burns?