Thursday, February 22, 2007

DDP For You And Me

For my "at work" second breakfast, I am having a home-made scone (part of the family surplus that gets fobbed off on me to fob off on my co-workers) and Diet Dr. Pepper. I feel much better about my place in the world.

I do not believe that "sconetastic" is a word, but I will use it anyway.


Sherbs said...'re mom does make good scones that are sconetastic.

And although I don't personally drink soda prior to 11 AM, DDP is a good exception.

Harley said...

Prettyboy and I have taken to using the exclaimation, "Mufftastic!" after he had a particularly good muffin. It was not until after some public embarrassment that we realized the word may have other connotations.

The Pedant said...

That's like how I found out that Australians snicker when you say "I'm rooting around in my pocket for some change."

Annie said...

Australians also think that the word 'fanny' is dirty.

Also: I'd like to point out that I wait until I get to work to have "first breakfast" as otherwise I am really rushed in the mornings. And not really hungry when I wake up, not even for scones.