Sunday, February 25, 2007

Double Feature

Last night Sherbs and I had a "date night" of going to Subway (yay veggie patty sandwiches) and renting two films from Blockbuster. We had a theme: we saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Superman Returns.

Surprisingly, the former was the better film, and not just because Eddie Izzard was in it. Let me demonstrate with a pro- and con- comparison of the two films.

Pro: Realistically depicts what happens when a wallflower seventeen-year-old gets super powers.
Con: Steals the "meteorite" cliche from Meteor Man.
Pro: Uma Thurman.
Con: Luke Owen's "real" love interest (a cliche stolen from Old School) the pretty but relatively untalented actress from the Scary Movie series.

Pro: Interesting story about Superman returning to find the love of his life living with another man.
Con: Coupled with a really uninteresting story where Superman saves the world. Also, a zillion flight and establishing shots that took way too long.
Pro: Kevin Spacey is very good as Lex Luthor.
Con: Lex Luthor's plot is a combination of the dumbest parts of the Lex Luthor plots from Superman and Superman IV.
Con: Parker Posey?!? And Taj from National Lampoon's Van Wilder?
Con: Need to know something about Superman already to watch the film, or at least to enjoy some of the references.
Con: Kryptonite only seems to hurt Superman as much as the plot requires.
Con: Did I mention that this movie seems interminable?

Quod est demonstratum.

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