Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Update from The Pedant Amoung Other Things

Well, yesterday I did my most feared thing ever, spend a day with nothing to blog about. You see, I have a relatively boring job, which would allow me time to blog. Yesterday morning I racked my brain. I wanted to talk about my dinner the night before, but it was uninteresting. The pilates class on Monday night was interesting but not worthy of a post (although I do enjoy time with Stoner and C-Berts). There was a girl who cried. I wanted to laugh during class. Haha. But even she was not worth my time. (Go figure, I love making fun of people who cry in public over trivial matters!) So I opted to wait until after lunch.

That was a big mistake, 'cause then my boring job has turned un-boring and now is fast paced. That will probably end by tomorrow morning. And I'll be here FOREVER today so I may post again to make up for the lack of it.


An update from The Pedant:

In our phone conversation last night he said that the hotel he is staying at has a vending machine, complete with Dr. Pepper. And yesterday he consumed one. And was happy.


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