Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last night, Stoner, C-Berts, Peppy and I went to a Pilates class. I have become quite enamored with pilates classes over the past 8 months or so, mostly because, similar to Yoga, it's fake exercise with many benefits. (Unlike yoga, there is no silly chanting or silly "find yourself/thank yourself/let go of worldly possessions/obsessions" bullshit. I kind of like my attachment to the Internet and celebrity gossip, thank you.)

Now, I have been doing Pilates about once a week since June, with a month or so hiatus. But, man-o-man, last night was difficult. And a little more yoga than we all wanted.

So, to counter-act the push ups we had to do (what are we, soldiers? NO!), we went out for sushi. Now, there's a treat. A late dinner with some wasabi and making fun of push-ups. And, to quote one of my new favorite movies, "Wasabi makes everything better."

It could not, unfortunately, stop the mild aching in my abs and arms. I bet DDP could.


Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY craving another one of those avocado rolls. Sherbs -- your love for asparagus may be analogous to my love for avocado, considering I crave it just about all the time and can eat both 'mole and tomato/avocado/fresh mozz salad by the gallon. Or maybe that's just ice cream.

Monday. Monday will be MUCH better. Julie doesn't make us do pushups.


Claire said...



I love In Her Shoes! So much! My lil sis and I want to marry Simon. Even if he's short. Do you think he would make a shiksa goddess convert?

Last night, despite the pain and humiliation, was fun! Can't wait till Monday.

Annie said...

I do pilates videos in the comfort of my own home with my roommates. It is classy, and I don't even have to brave the weather.

Anonymous said...

I think C-berts and Sherbs would both agree with me about the benefits of going to pilates classes. 1. Motivation -- I'm more likely to go to a class and work my ass off than to do hundreds on my rug in the privacy of my own home. Without being watched, I don't think I'd perform as well. 2. Teacher feedback -- I often don't do things "right," and it's great to get that input from a trained instructer. 3. It's really funny when someone in the class farts. (Not that it's actually happened. But it could.)


The Pedant said...

Sometime in the near future we should post about avocado. I love it too, and don't eat it often enough.