Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun with the Fifties!

The Pedant sent me this link. It's about dogs from the fifties getting dressed up.

I love dogs. EFStoner and I often look at dogs on the street and oooo and aaaah the way some people might do over babies, cars, or expensive clothing. I had a dog, Tova, who was the best dog. And Bug, my sister (not her real name, but from a nick name), and I often tortured her (Tova's opinion, my sister and I thought it was cute) by dressing her up and putting nail polish on her toes. One Halloween we even put gel in her fur so that it would get spikey and scary. Those kids were totally scared of her when they trick-or-treated at our house. And by scared I mean not at all scared. 'Cause she was super cute and non-threatening. She in fact was held very tightly so she wouldn't eat the candy.

But those dogs are cute. Very cute.

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Anonymous said...

So cute!

I was watching the Westminster Dog Show over the weekend (gotta love zjpj's DVR!), and two poodles, a standard and a toy, won best in group! Despite their riDONKulous haircuts, I was so proud! And I'm sure Farfel also would have been proud had he seen it.

Love the blog! And I love you, too!