Monday, February 26, 2007


If I wanted to, I may blog about the delicious cafeteria cookie I just consumed, or my overpriced midday (well, it's earlier than usual but it's slushy outside and I wanted to get some be3fore the cafeteria closes) coffee, which I should add is WEAK, which I don't enjoy, but instead, I will have a long run-on sentence about what I'm not blogging about.

I will blog about the fact that The Pedant may not blog over the next few days. Dear Reader, do not worry, he's fine, but he's off to take an exam where he will have to wear fancy clothes and have his soul sucked diligently out of his body for two days. And then, I hope as much as you do, that he will post with the same pedantic fashion and abnormally high levels of humor.

So if you see him, do wish him luck!

Go get 'em, tiger!

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