Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dr. Pepper DOES Make the World Taste Better

Although we have had some good discussions about food recently (and plenty of them...which probably no one with the exception of the writers and Annie read), I would like to bring it back to the original point of this blog:

Dr. Pepper.

(Ok, Ok, the real point was to decide about mixing alcohol with DP, but whatever.)

I had the joy of consuming a bottle of DDP last night with dinner. It was delicious. And I rented a movie from the library, one which I thought would be fair, turned out to be excellent. I owe this not to the fantastic actresses in the movie or the heart warming story (well, relatively), but to the DDP.

And with all of our talking about asparagus, I decided to by a fresh bundle in the supermarket yesterday. This is exciting, because we have determined I love asparagus. However, it was sad because apparently, veggies are expensive. I do, however, intend to cook half the bushel in a vinaigrette and eat it with pasta for lunch tomorrow. If you work with me, watch out. My pee will REEK! Mwahaha!

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