Monday, February 19, 2007

Counterpoint: I and the Cap'n Make it Happen

As a first note, Sherbs clearly overlooks the taste possibilities of spiced dark rum and Dr. Pepper (say a Meyer's or a Captain Morgan). Since Dr. Pepper was first brewed as a patent medicine in 1885, adding some more spices to the twenty-three flavors, plus alcohol, is a recipe for making the world taste drunker.

Second, Sherbs and I watched the Morimoto v. Symon episode of Iron Chef America. The secret ingredient: asparagus. And do you know what Morimoto, the culinary genius who reads the judges better than any other Iron Chef I know, put his chocolate-dipped asparagus in? Rum.

Why is this important? Because, before dipping the asparagus in chocolate, Morimoto pressure cooked them with star anise and "a popular lemon-lime soda" whose name was blurred but the can design was distinctive. Morimoto, having at best a tenuous command of English, was probably not aware that he should be cooking with 7-Up.

Which brings us back to rum. Like 7-Up, Americans know that we can cook with Dr. Pepper. Ergo, since Sprite and asparagus make a delicious chocolate-covered dessert in rum, Dr. Pepper and rum absolutely have to mix well as a non-asparagus non-dessert beverage.

And if you think there are holes in my logic, I'm going to tell you that Socrates, one of the greatest logicians of all time, would agree with me, because he mixed hemlock with Dr. Pepper to make tragic state-mandated suicide taste better. It may not be true, or even plausible, but it is compelling.

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