Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cheese, Soup, and the Dogs of War

Okay, okay, I lied about the dogs of war. Can we cry havoc anyway? I think it's like primal scream therapy. And for the record, the discussion of domestication is my favorite Lileks riff on a dog picture.

After reading Sherbs's recollection of the fondue at La Bonne Soupe in Manhattan (I don't remember if we ordered a double portion or just got a really big pot, but it was more cheesy than the "dangerously cheesy" that Cheetos are advertised as being), I have to add that I love soft cheese on baguette. Really, it could be any soft cheese - I prefer Camembert, if given the choice, but brie will totally work. Or blue cheese.

Also, I've been thinking of late about Sherbs's and my most recent attempt at soup. We did a Japanese-inspired thing with udon, a whole bunch of veggies we got at JAS mart (including lotus root, which needs to be chopped finely or thinly), and some pareve chicken broth, which was all right, but I think a vegetable broth would do better next time.

Honestly, for Udon Soup version 2.0, we should start with my father's favorite soup starter, a mirepoix (one of the things he picked up from our family's obsession with Iron Chef), add some veggie stock, and then put in a lot of mushrooms to get an earthy flavor. Then we put in the lotus root and the udon.

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