Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whose Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?

So, as per the point of this blog, I am drinking a DDP right now. It is a substitution for a cookie from the cafeteria for a few reasons. And, since I love contests, I will place them in contest:
  • DIETDP = calorie free; cookies = 17 hours I don't have the time to spend at the gym (DDP 1, Cookie, 0)
  • DDP DOES make the world taste better; cookies do too (ooo...a toss up, points stay the same)
OK, not a big competition; they are even. Oh wait, what is that? My waistline expanding from a cookie? Well, then, cookie, you are bumped out of first place and DDP reigns supreme. For today. I like cookies (in relative moderation) too much to really bump them out.

Oh, right. The real reason I didn't buy a cookie today was that it is meat day in the cafeteria and the cookies are parve and GROSS (ish, I have been known to eat them on occasion). And more expensive, therefore, not worth the calories.

Mmmmm...unhealthy food....

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