Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Thought it was About America's National Pastimes In Japan, But No, It's Ethnography

Sherbs has, knowing that I have some minor interest in Japanese society and culture, sent me an article from the New York times about a guy who came to Japan to preserve their folktales. My interest is piqued, as it seems he took down some ghost stories. I've liked Japanese ghost stories since I started collecting Narumi Kakinouchi comics about embittered little vampire girls.

Of course, I must apologize to Sherbs for initially thinking that she sent me an article about the Matsuzaka beer controversy. Because, as we all know, Sherbs loves both baseball and beer with a passion.


Sherbs said...

No, I knew it was about ghost stories. I have no interest in Japaneese beer, baseball, or in relevance to the blog, mixing beer with Dr. Pepper, Japaneese or other. Gross!

The Pedant said...

Well, you know how I never resort to sarcasm and untruths in my communications.