Monday, July 16, 2007

Dunkin' Porkuts

Technically, getting all religious and political in a blog is my sister's sphere, not what I intend for this blog, but since it involves doughnuts, ham and cheese sandwiches, and the coffee that supposedly powers America, here I go.

Recently, the Seventh Circuit (the federal appeals court headquartered in Chicago that handles appeals from federal courts in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin) held that, based on the circumstances of that particular case, Dunkin Donuts was discriminating against an Arab Muslim franchisee who refused to sell their ham-based foods.

While the facts are a little unusual, it got me to thinking. Recently, Dunkin Donuts has been treifing up its previously kosher stores with pig-related products, and while I don't necessarily think a lawsuit would solve the problem, it's interesting to note that when they do it, it may be considered discrimination.


Sherbs said...

I believe there are still Kosher Dunkin Donuts in the Five Towns of Long Island.

My gripes against DD:
1) Improper Grammar: Dunking Doughnut. C'mon, was that so difficult?
2) Their coffee tastes bad. I know they use a different bean from a different location (I think theirs is central American versus S-Bucks is from Africa) but I think it is not strong enough and fruity tasting.

Annie said...


I wonder about the kosher subway in Cleveland? Maybe if the guy had marketed it as a halal dunkin donuts, it would be different.

Also, Sherbs, you can't copyright real words. So Dunking Doughnuts is out.