Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not About Hewlett-Packard

So, despite what I may have told some people, I ended up in a car for eight hours with The Book That Came Out This Saturday That Everyone Is Reading, and so I read it.

I was mildly disappointed. Anticlimactic, I felt.

Ah, well. Patrick Rothfuss is due for a sequel to his debut novel any time now; I find Kvothe a far more interesting superpowerful wizarding student than Mr. Potter.


annulla said...

This weekend it seemed as though half the city had their noses buried in that book. I was surprised that so many people were schlepping such a big hardcover edition aroudn, but saw far more copies of the book on the subway than the Post or even the Daily News.

The Pedant said...

It just happened to be in a car I was riding in. Otherwise, I would have waited until next week to get it, when the fuss died down.