Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mixed Drinks Dancing Around the Concept of Dr. Pepper

The Google Alert troll has brought in a significant number of items about beverages, of which a selection follows.

A blogger named Laurel has been kumquat-infusing vodka. I'm not sure how much I love kumquats, although I haven't had a flavored vodka I hated (although the cheap coconut-flavored vodka I picked up last week for a party was way too strong on the coconut). There was a place in Union Square I used to go to for Korean food (the Sherbs may remember it) where they infused their own rice liquor with lychee or ginger. I preferred the ginger, personally.

Someone else does what I used to do at fast food places, which is pour three or four drink types into the same cup at the fountain. Here, the mix was half fruit punch, half Dr. Pepper. I used to tolerate that, then I realized that it tastes horrific.

Finally, it turns out that commercial maraschino cherries, which I used last weekend to top brownie sundaes, have one of the ingredients of Dr. Pepper. Therefore, the link just mentioned shows you how to make ones that are closer to fruit than lab experiment.

I'm still interested in Dr. Pepper hot wings, though.

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