Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Readed It!

Many people know I like grammar. I do, after all, have a higher degree in languages and really enjoy grammar for classes, probably more than vocabulary (because in life, you get a dictionary). My sister hates when I correct people's grammar (including her own) and I usually say, "Bad Habit" but I like knowing that an adverb ends in -ly and that you and I will laugh at someone who tells you they feel good. (The two things I still get confused with: less vs. fewer, were vs. was. I just can't remember the rules without stopping to think!)

This article caught my eye. Although I enjoy kid's books (I may even still have my collection of the Bearenstein Bears, and when I frequently reread The Babysitter's Club I lament Ann M. Martin's use of contractions! Formal writing, damnit!) I have never heard of this series and the debate poses an interesting question. Should we just let our children read these books with bad grammar or fight the man! Looking at the ALA's website for banned books (prompted by the article), this I would assume is the only one that has to do with incorrect grammar. The others are all content-related, spurred by middle American close minded Fundies.

In other news, I saw Hairspray last night with Smel and it was ohsogood! I loveded it!


The Pedant said...

One problem with the ALA list is that it encourages people to read books that were banned, even though they were not very good. For example, Lady Chatterley's Lover. BORING.

Sherbs said...

Not true!! Look at the most banned books from 2006: (just a selection I've picked)


1) And Tango Makes Three about gay penguins in the central park zoo. SO GOOD! An excellent story!

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I thought it was great! Yes, yes offensive content, but life is kinda sucky...

Beloved by Toni Morrison. Ditto. It won a Pulizer for a reason..

Also, Harry Potter is a challenged and banned book. And it is SO GOOD! Go banning!

Diana said...

You weren't scared of John Travolta and his faux Baltimore accent in Hairspray?
Also, in a totally unrelated note, last night in Brooklyn they were selling Dr. Pepper Slurpees. Not diet, though. I took a picture with my phone, and will post it on my blog soon. (If I remember)